Phpmyadmin How To Change Table Name

In short, you can use the RENAME TABLE command within a MySQL prompt to effectively change the database name of a particular table while keeping the table name intact. However, doing so requires that the database with the new name already exists, so begin by creating a new database using the mysqladmin shell command as seen above. […]

How To Clean An Old Cast Iron Skillet

The second tenet is old-school as well, and it’s actually important: don’t put your cast iron skillet in the dishwasher! Not only will the process of exposing your cast iron skillet to […]

Canada How To Change Teh Name Of My Corpratin

The answer depends on what you mean by type of business. If you are talking about the type of business activity the business engages in, then when you file your next federal tax return, you need to enter a new NAICS code and new description under business activity. […]

How To Become A Rally Driver Canada

To become a professional rally driver - well, that’s another matter. I’ve met a few, but I couldn’t say what the magic sauce is. The usual probably - a great deal of commitment and a fair bit of luck. […]

How To Delete Adobe Updater

ADOBE_UPDATER.EXE detected as PUP.ADOBE_UPDATER. Since cryptocurrencies are worth a lot of money nowadays, hackers are always trying to find some unique, creative ways … […]

How To Clean Sunglass Lense With Microfiber Cloth

Now more and more people wearing glasses, basically be without glasses. Believe that people with a pair of glasses have such experience, go to the house from the outside in cold winter, the glasses will look not clear, there is a layer of mist, at this moment, we are about to take glasses cloth to wipe. […]

How To Clean Old Grout

28/08/2018 · Article SummaryX. To clean grout with baking soda, start by mixing equal parts baking soda and water to form a paste. Then, apply the paste to the grout using a scrub brush, sponge, or old … […]

Youtube How To Build A Trellis

Imagine your trellis where it will eventually be placed, taking into account the size and shape of the area where it will be situated. Draw the design of your trellis on paper. Deciding on as many measurements as possible in advance will help you to stay on track during the building process. […]

How To Connect Joycons To Pc

This very quick and simple tutorial shows you how to use your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on a Mac (or PC) with your favourite emulator! ===== Don’t forget to catch the podcast on iTunes … […]

How To Draw Chinese Smoke

fire partitions, smoke barriers, and smoke partitions is a critical feature of the system. When penetrating these walls or partitions by the ductwork of the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) system, the integrity of their ratings are sustained by the […]

How To Change Password On Visa Card

To register for 3-D Secure or change your password, you need the card number of your credit or prepaid card and the card account number. You can find the account number in the top right-hand corner of your monthly statement or in the “Cards” overview in E-Banking. […]

How To Download New League Client

how to uninstall the now beta clients . how to uninstall the now beta clients . Haven1115 (EUW) submitted in Client Support. I just downloaded the new client beta and after I did when I lucned the game it went out of the luncher but it never went in to the loggin screen so I lunched it again and its said tht the game is running so I open the beta client and half my screen jst went darked and […]

How To Add Amiibo Item On Zelda Pc

Getting the Amiibo rune for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The - Switch: Getting the Amiibo rune ; Successfully complete the first Rune Trial/Shrine in the Great Plateau. After you have unlocked the first rune, go to the main menu and select the "Amiibo" option. Accept and agree to add Amiibo functionality to the game. You can remove the Amiibo rune at any time using the same "Amiibo […]

How To Draw A Braid Step By Step

Step 3. To draw the part where the braid bends to the side, I apply the basic principles of perspective. The elements of the braid that are farther from the viewer become smaller and narrower. Just keep in mind that this part of the braid has some features of the upper part (the front view) and the lower part (the side view). Step 4. I draw the remaining part of the braid. Pay attention to the […]

How To Build 2 Step Stairs

Step 2: The Risers. The most complicated part of building a staircase is making the risers. If you are building an outdoor staircase with no overhead obstructions its gonna be a lot easier, you need only decide on the angle of your stairs, measure and cut away. if you are building a staircase indoors you need to take into account the headroom. Due to the […]

How To Delete The French Keyboard Layout On Windows 10

Hello, For native English speakers, typing accents can be a bit of a bother. The keyboards do not have accented letters. Naturally, there are a ton of accents in French and eventually you will want to do something during lessons other than clicking on the accented text below the panel. […]

Amazon Fire Tv Box How To Add Youtube

Open the Kodi app on Fire TV and scroll down to the Add-ons option in the left-side menu and select Install from repository under Categories as shown below. Next, select Video Add-ons > YouTube […]

How To Build Your Self Esteem As A Woman

9/01/2019 · As much as possible, limit your contact with them while you build your self-confidence. Take some time to think about which people in your life really make you feel great. Make a goal to spend more time with people who are supportive and uplifting. […]

How To Create A Boot Disk For Windows 7

1/08/2016 · How to Create Windows 7 WinPE Boot Disk Live CD or USB are very useful for repairing computers, if your an administrator your know all about WinPE discs. I wanted to show you guys how to create […]

How To Change Doorbell Transformer

If your doorbell is located in a corner, you can use the included wedge to change the viewing angle. This will point Nest Hello away from the wall and help prevent the IR … […]

How To Connect To Ps4 Built In Wifi

If you are using a Wi-Fi (wireless) connection, move your PS4™ system closer to the access point or router. Make sure there are no obstructions between them. … […]

How To Create A New Stack In Evernote

I can just right-click on the stack and choose Create Notebook in… and it will create the notebook right in the stack. Limitations of Stacks Stacks is a great improvement over what was there before, but there are a few things to be aware of from using-Evernote-as-a-document-management perspective. […]

How To Add Photos To Medium Posts

The point is that adding an image to your blog post, even it it requires a little more of your time per post, is worth the effort and cost that may be associated with the effort. The Legal Issues of Using Images […]

How To Change Order In Lightroom Slideshow

In the Slideshow module, create your slide show with captions as described above, and then press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) to change the Export PDF button to Export JPEG. Click the Export JPEG button to export the photos as JPEGs with captions (and other slide layout and overlay options) intact. […]

How To Add 1 Channel

Find more about 'Add Free To Air Channels to a Samsung TV' with Samsung Australia Support. If you do need help adding in a missing channel, call our 24/7 1300 362 603 (in Australia) and one of our Samsung Care experts will be able to lend a hand. Please see the steps below for a guide to perform Auto or Manual tuning on your television: Please note: Depending on the model of your […]

How To Delete Photos On My Iphone 6

Delete Photos From iMessage App Whenever you send or receive text messages with image or video attachments, those messages along with their attached photos are stored in the Messages app on iPhone. In the case of messages sent, you will actually end up with two copies of images, one copy will be inside the Photos app (since you took a photo using your iPhone) and the other copy will be in … […]

How To Add A Pattern Beneath Picture In Gimp

The fill type should be pattern fill and change your pattern to the stripes pattern [everyone w/ gimp has just click on the pattern button on the gimp toolbox and pick the plain stripes ( not the stripes fine) ]. Then click on the picture. The scanlines should be there. If it's not, double check and see if your toolbox looks like this. […]

How To Cut Lead Step Flashing

A look at types of drip edge flashing, how to cut it, and how to retrofit it to an existing roof Drip edge flashing is any flashing that protects a building element by shedding water. The leading edge of the flashing is called the 'drip edge'. […]

How To Buy A Shipping Label On Paypal

First, set up your PayPal shipping information and configure shipping preferences, and then use the handy shipping label wizard to print a mailing label for your package. You can then drop off packages with preprinted mailing labels at the nearest carrier drop-off location or box. […]

How To Build A Door Frame In A Wall

On the new layout, the shower was relocated to the wall by the door. To free up wall space, the door was replaced by a sliding cavity unit. The wall and doorframe were demolished, new stud framework was built, then a Corinthian Doors Readicote Flush Solid Core Doo r was installed. […]

How To Add Another Page To Word Document

9/12/2008 · I'd also like to be able to insert additional labels in alphabetical order in the future as needed, but my main question here is how to insert another page of labels in my document. I have done various searches on the internet and have turned up empty. Thanks for any help you can provide. […]

How To Build An Outdoor Bar

Outdoor Modern Bar Table, X Base Turn your patio or deck into an entertainment meca with this simple modern bar height table. Works with the simple modern bar stools. […]

How To Clean A Liquid Fabric Softener Dispenser

Cleaning Fabric Softener Dispenser I placed mine in a Pyrex dish, filled the dispenser with white vinegar and filled the Pyrex up half way with vinegar and water mix (the key was to fill above business end of the dispenser). […]

How To Bring The Whore Out Of A Woman

I couldn’t bring myself to do porn, and I knew wasn’t talented enough to be a stripper. I figured I could try being an escort. It turned out to be pretty easy work for me, and I only needed to […]

How To Delete Second Word Page

Delete extra empty pages in a worksheet with setting print area function If the worksheet contains only several pages including blank pages, you can set all non-empty pages … […]

How To Build A Bitcoin Mining Rig

In times when major producers of highly specialized equipment like Bitmain and Bitfury are building ASIC chips and rigs for mining bitcoin with ever-increasing productivity and efficiency, some say crypto mining in homes, basements and garages is a dying hobby. […]

How To Cook Bean Sprouts In Microwave

Bean sprouts are perfect for stir-fry, or they can be simply added to soups, salads or sandwiches. They can also create a healthy side dish in seconds for any dinner plate. Use fresh bean sprouts in omelets. Quick, healthy and crunchy! Before serving, blend some fresh bean sprouts in any soup. Microwave. Place bean sprouts in a dish suitable for microwaves and microwave for 1 - 2 minutes. Add […]

How To Become A Forensic Lab Technician In Canada

What Are the Requirements? Educational Requirements for a Forensics Lab Technician. Most forensics lab technician positions require a bachelor's degree in a field such as chemistry, forensic science or a related field, per the BLS as of 2012. […]

How To Create Layout In Autocad 2016

So that users can give command & work faster in AutoCAD.Users can see in below pictures, how to customize new toolbar in AutoCAD. 1. Type CUI or Right Click in … […]

How To Become An Online Trainer

1. Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification. The level 2 gym instructor course (also known as a fitness instructor course) is the starting point in the careers of most personal trainers and … […]

How To Draw A Carp Fish

The 25 best Koi fish drawing ideas on Pinterest IMG_8067-step by step on how to draw a Koi fish great detail could work […]

How To Clean Makeup Brushes Between Clients

I am a freelance makeup artist and this is how I clean all my brushes. I do not use anything else to deep clean my brushes or blenders. I will use cinema secrets in between my clients … […]

Visual Basic How To Delete A Button

Hi, Can any one help me in how to remove the "X" that appears on the top right hand cornor of a message box. I want to insisit user to click on "OK" or "Cancel" button which appears in … […]

How To Add Company Logo In Ax 2012

add company logo into query based report Expression for getting the company logo / image in SSRS for Dynamic AX 2012 In the old X++ framework (Dynamics AX 2009 and earlier) when you wanted to display company logo on report you could use display method on table. […]

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture 2016

25/02/2018 · How to Change Your Spotify Picture on iPhone or iPad. This wikiHow teaches you how to update your profile photo in Spotify when you're using an iPhone or iPad. Since it's not an option in the Spotify app, you must connect the app to... This wikiHow teaches you how to update your profile photo in Spotify when you're using an iPhone or iPad. Since it's not an option in the Spotify app, you must […]

How To Download I Utorrent

12/06/2012 · Go to preferences and under general, click "associate with torrent files". If you're running vista run utorrent as Adminastrator before associating the torrent files. […]

How To Build Up Lean Muscle Mass

Muscle is harder to build and maintain as we age. In fact, most of us start losing muscle around age 30, with a 3- to 8-percent reduction in lean muscle mass every decade thereafter. In fact, most of us start losing muscle around age 30, with a 3- to 8-percent reduction in lean muscle mass … […]

How To Be A Clean Man

23/05/2014 · Get tossed into JODY HiGHROLLER's world of neon animations and butterscotch babes in the official music video for RiFF RAFF's DJ Mustard-produced single "How To Be The Man… […]

How To Draw A Cartoon Eye Step By Step

We begin drawing the horse eye with a preliminary sketch. Draw very lightly, to begin with - this drawing has been darkened for viewing on screen. […]

How To Draw A Beard On Face

Facial hair like beards and moustaches are a little bit different to draw than hair on the head because it's generally shorter and coarser. Let's draw this dude's beard: Lighten spots by erasing the shadows you drew: Do the same thing with facial hair as with head hair, and that's to draw in the direction that the hair is going. With short beards like this one, you're going to have to make a […]

How To Create Shortcuts On Word

There is the built-in option to define hotkeys for programs’ shortcuts, however: 1) it only works for shortcuts 2) the shortcut should be located under Windows\Start Menu\Programs to work. The advantage of using AHK is that you can define hotkeys for any files or folder on your PC, and 1) it doesn’t need to be necessarily a shortcut file 2) doesn’t need to be located in the Programs […]

How To Change Ip Address Torguard

How to Torrent with TorGuard Bittorrent Proxy Setting up a protected IP address through a Bittorrent Proxy with Torguard is a bit trickier than the simpler VPN alternative package. However, it’s quite easy to do if you follow these directions. […]

How To Cook Steamed Oysters

Fresh linguine cooks in a heady, spicy mixture of mushrooms, garlic, Cajun spice, oysters, corn, string beans, pimentos and seafood stock. An easy roux of butter and flour thickens the dish before you add parsley, scallions and crabmeat. […]

How To Download For Flight Simulator

Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator. […]

How To Change Voicemail On Iphone 6s

6/07/2016 · I have recently began seeing a voicemail notification on my iphone 6s and will not go away. I have tried every reset option imaginable and even listening to voicemail but there is nothing that will take the notification away. […]

How To Draw Tf2 Medic

To protect the Demoman during this spree of aggression, use the standard, invincibility-granting ĂśberCharge and run in front of him to draw Sentry Gun fire. Medical Intervention Save a falling teammate from dying on impact . […]

How To Clear Other Storage On Iphone

When you have synced your iPhone and noticed that “other files” have taken up a lot of storage space on the iPhone, un-tick the “sync music” alternative in iTunes before un-connecting your iPhone. […]

How To Catch Snorlax Leaf Green

There are only two Snorlax in the game (the other one being on Route 16). Wake it up using the Poke Flute, put it to sleep and wear down its hitpoints -- then catch it using a Great Ball or better. […]

How To Change Default Audio Track Mkv

30/12/2017 · MKV tools has a one file limit unless I buy it, and even if I bought it, I’m not seeing a way to embed into the file that audio track #2 is preferred, or to turn on subtitle track #1 when there are two subtitle tracks (meaning foreign audio subtitles). […]

How To Build Minecraft Mansion Step By Step

25/06/2017 · Mansion Step By Step Step 1: First Story: Part 1 The first thing in building the mansion is to choose two colors and a wood: a main color that will be used for most of the building, an accent color for details, and a … […]

How To Call Forward Home Phone To Cell Phone

Check the box to enable call forwarding and enter the number that will receive forwarded phone calls. This can be a cell phone or a landline: This can be a cell phone or a landline: Choose which number you would like incoming calls to show as their caller-ID. […]

How To Become A Professional Voice Actor

Our professional voice acting coaches, and studio engineers are masters in their field and their Professional Voice Acting experience means you get the highest quality and most relevant education in the areas of voiceover technique, industry trends, marketing strategies, home studio creation and production techniques. […]

How To Cook White Rice Stove Top

There are various methods to cook white rice, but I personally found cooking white rice on a stove top is the quickest method. Methods of cooking White Rice : … […]

How To Not Allow Your Emotions Control You

E motion regulation skills allow us to effectively cope with our emotional reactions. While we cannot always maintain control over what we feel, we have total control … […]

Google Docs How To Add To Outline

21/04/2015 · How to add a Table to Google Docs Sometimes you will include information in your document that just isn’t suited for a paragraph or a bulleted list. Take this course outline … […]

How To Buy Arex Ticket

This Incheon Airport Railroad Express (AREX) train ticket will get you aboard the train and to the airport in as little as 43 minutes! For travels from the airport to Seoul, simply redeem your voucher for your ticket at the Transportation Center or 45th Information Booth upon arrival at the airport. With your ticket in hand, make your way to the B1 of Incheon International Transportation […]

How To Detect Pregnancy At Home Naturally

Obstetric ultrasonography may also be used to detect pregnancy. Obstetric ultrasonography was first practiced in the 1960s; the first home test kit for hCG was invented in 1968. The kits went on the market in the United States and Europe in the mid-1970s. […]

How To Remove Continue Watching On Netflix

According to Netflix’s own website, they have given a comprehensive breakdown on the best viewing avenues for their program: As you can see, most browsers are capped at delivering image quality at 720p, while Edge isn’t. […]

How To Become The Perfect Housewife

I tried to be the perfect housewife… and I failed; The Not Perfect Housewife. Don't waste your life cleaning. Do it fast and smooth. 3 Secrets How to Avoid Becoming a Desperate Housewife. November 4, 2014 by Bethany Thomson 1 Comment. Do you have a husband, kid(s) and a full-time job? If the answer is “yes”, I’m sure it’s not easy to manage it all. Having a successful career takes […]

How To Build A Simple Potting Bench

Outdoor potting bench are designed to take the pain from potting plants. They allow gardeners to work with your foot plants, rather than bend or kneel on the floor filling their pots with soil. […]

How To Connect Netwrok Space 2 Usb

To get started, you’ll first need a USB storage device, like a flash drive or an external hard drive. Since the Arlo Pro system relies on the FAT32 formatting system, the max storage size is 2TB. […]

How To Break Your Arm Wiki How

4.information about ur cast : u will have ur cast on for 4-6 weeks - if u break ur wrist u will (usually in most cases) get a short arm cast (some cases need long arm casts ) - u might get a sling to help u with ur arm ( a sling is a piece of cloth with a rope or watever u wanna call it that goes aroung ur back a sling helps u carry ur arm cuz the cast is a little heavy) […]

How To Add Distribution List In Outlook

If you click on the address book icon, click on File, then New Entry. Select New Distribution List, then where it says Put this entry, in the drop down menu select the folder you want the distribution list to appear in, then click OK. […]

How To Add Aux Top 2006 Factory Stereo

I got this 20$ aux adapter off ebay. 2. installed it like this youtube video. and it works! the volume is a bit lower than the radio but the sound quality is great. - 2006-2013 Toyota Corolla 2. installed it like this youtube video. and it works! the volume is a bit lower than the radio but the sound quality is great. - 2006-2013 Toyota Corolla […]

How To Change Boot Options

The simple solution for these problems is Boot UI Tuner which enables you to interact with your boot options and change Windows 8 boot options. This free application works both on the 32-bit as well as the 64-bit version of Window 8 (No support for Windows RT). […]

How To Create More Categories In Gmail

30/05/2013 · Create filters that exclude messages from these categories by enabling "Exclude from SmartLabel categorization" in the filter editing dialog. 10. Help Gmail categorize messages by creating filters and selecting "categorize as". […]

How To Buy Loan With Option To Buy Fifa 17

This bundle contains FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19. The Journey’s first year in FIFA 17, lets you live your story as the Premier League's next rising star, Alex Hunter. In FIFA 18, take Alex Hunter's story to uncharted territory. With FIFA 19, you follow three new heroes. Guide Alex Hunter, Danny Williams and Kim Hunter as they reach some of the most significant moments of their careers. […]

How To Draw A Laughing Hyena

Easy Animal Pictures To Draw Easy Drawing Animals How To Draw A Hyena For Kids Step Inside. Tag animal pictures to draw, easy animal pictures to draw, easy cute animal pictures to draw […]

How To Ask Friends Whether Coming To Party Or Not

(often foll by: or not) used to introduce any indirect question: he was not certain whether his friend was there or not. 3. ( coordinating ) another word for either 3 : any man, whether liberal or conservative, would agree with me . […]

How To Become An Excavator Operator

Our heavy equipment operator training certification for excavators consists of classroom theory, a written test and practical hands on experience. Delivered through multimedia presentations and interactive discussion, the course content is then reinforced through … […]

How To Add Wood Carvings To Furniture

How to Select Patterns for Wood Carving. Sometimes, a wood carving project manifests itself, unbidden, in your mind and you carve the piece based on what you see in your imagination. At other times, you may want to follow a pattern to create something specific. Patterns are especially good tools for beginning wood carvers. If you want to use patterns for wood carving, you must first know how […]

How To Connect Ring To Alexa

Understanding the light ring. The vast majority of the time, Alexa sits around completely dormant until called upon. But the ring around the top of the Echo and Echo Dot lights up in seven colors […]

How To Bring Peace And Prosperity At Home

Make auspicious Symbols like Swastik & Om on the North / East walls to bring prosperity and good luck. Do not make swastika or Om symbols in the Rangoli on the floor. Do not make swastika or Om symbols in the Rangoli on the floor. […]

How To Clear Up Face Quickly

With a clean washcloth, cleanse the skin gently, using a circular motion. Rinse away the soap with warm water and pat dry with another clean washcloth. Always use a clean washcloth, because bacteria can be transmitted by one that has already been used and can cause new acne to appear. […]

How To Create A Web Registration

8/01/2019 · Using UM to create a /register and /login are incredibly useful, but the /wp-admin way also works. If you change it completely, your site can be locked down better. Customize the Default WordPress Login Page. Secondly, you can customize the WordPress login page itself. If you prefer to keep the default WordPress login and registration URLs intact, you can fully change the design and … […]

How To Get A Pc To Wireless Connect To Tv

Knowing how to connect your computer to a TV is an essential skill, especially in this era of cord-cutting and 4K gaming. There are a few methods you can use, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, so we’ve gone ahead and put together a quick guide that should help you get your PC and TV working together in harmony. […]

Osu How To Create A Hitcircle

If you have to tried to make your hitcircle numbers to be circles, you have probably run across the problem of double digit numbers creating 2 circles, instead of just one. There is an easy fix to this. […]

How To Add Person To Messenger Group

7/01/2016 · Select an option. Either enter a name, email, phone or pin, scan a pin barcode or select from BBM groups. To use the first option simply enter the pin, name, phone, and email into the textbox. […]

How To Connect Wifi Module To Microcontroller

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi family is the industry’s first Internet-on-a-chip™ solution offering Wi-Fi certified™ IC’s and modules allowing easy connectivity to the cloud. […]

How To Change Language On Microsoft Word Mac 2011

Learn how to remove editor comments in Microsoft Word 2011 (Mac). Menu. About Us. Client Testimonials ; Case Studies + 2011 Microsoft Word Remove Editor Comments (Mac) Step 1: To remove editor comments, open your document using Microsoft Word 2011 and click on the Review tab. Step 2: In this example, the Track Changes icon is on. If Track Changes is illuminated in your … […]

How To Come Up With A Good Guild Name Wow

Guild names are case sensitive - this means that there could be two guilds, one named Guild of Rogues (spelled with a lowercase o in of), and the other named Guild Of Rogues (spelled with a capital O in Of), on the same server. […]

How To Change A Freewheel

The freewheel tool has a toothed ring on one end that fits into the locking wheel of the cogs. The other end is designed to fit a wrench. The other end is designed to fit a wrench. Freewheel tool. […]

How To Delete A Blank Page In Adobe Pdf

Tap “Blank PDF” or “PDF from Image”. Follow the instructions (by choosing the number of pages, paper size, etc. or the photo you want to use), and the brand new PDF will be opened in the viewer. […]

How To Create A Captive Portal For Wifi

Contemporary security needs make transparent implementation of captive portals challenging. Thankfully, web browser and OS developers realize the importance of reporting the existence of this intermediate status between being connected to the Internet or not, this way reducing failure cases to … […]

How To Add Line To Xy Plot On R

# Plot the points using the vectors xvar and yvar plot (dat $ xvar, dat $ yvar) # Same as previous, but with formula interface plot (yvar ~ xvar, dat) # Add a regression line fitline <-lm (dat $ … […]

How To Download Photos From Flickr App

Note that you'll need a computer -- the download features aren't in the phone or tablet app. Exporting your whole Flickr collection. To get all your photos, or big batches of them, first open up […]

How To Build A Funeral Pyre

To make Spell: Funeral Pyre of Kelador (Spell Research: Yield 1, trivial 220), Combine the following in a Spell Research Kit, Tome Binding Kit, Prayer Writing Kit, Hybrid Research Kit, or Song Writing Kit […]

How To Create Multiple Google Drive Folders

23/04/2012 · If the one-account-connected-at-a-time limitation relates only to the local Google Drive client running on a user's computer, I hope that Google will clearly document how users can sync some folders to a Google Apps user account and other folders to a personal Gmail/Google account. […]

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